For brand companies
Shopping mall integrated management

From open market, general mall, smart store to overseas shopping mall
Product, order, claim Now, more stable and detailed linkage and management

  • convenience Mobile manager provided,
    Category automatic mapping,
    Deal and set product structure provided
  • Performance Speed up order collection,
    Individual management of information by market,
    Invoice printing, delivery tracking linkage
  • efficiency Master vendor structure support
    API / Crawling available
    Easy UIUX
  • Scalability Possible to integrate with own mall operation
    Provide Open API
    Expansion of global market linkage

Each affiliate channel is connected to the company through the Rilacket API,
Automatic linkage of products and processing of order status through LINKER API

LINKER API (Product linkage / order status processing)


Company (brand)

  • Upload Items
  • Order delivery

Affiliate Mall API

Affiliate Mall

  • Product linkage
  • Collect Orders


ERP Purchase customer

Scalability, convenience, performance, efficiency
A strong technology partner to expand business and secure distribution competitiveness

  • OPEN API offer
    • · ERP interlocking of brands is easy
    • · Easy to expand affiliate market
  • Management operation convenience support
    • · Default / custom category mapping
    • · Inventory integration management
    • · Special product structure acceptance
    • · Goodsflow linkage
  • Performance improvement
    • · Distributed processing using Queue
      (Speed up order collection)
    • · Individual management of product information by market
  • Efficient service operation
    • · Master vendor operation support
    • · API and crawling can be mixed

Supports functions to increase work efficiency, reduce costs, and promote distribution strategies that fit TPO

The standard mapping of Relacket and category mapping for each affiliate channel are completed in advance.
Mapping to Rilacket Standard Category automatically maps affiliate channel categories

  • Clothing goods
  • Custom Category clothing > one piece
  • Standard category clothing > Women's Clothing > one piece > Mini dress
    • Women's Clothing>one piece>Cotton / hem / linen dress
    • Women's Clothing>one piece>Mini dress
    • Brand women's clothing>one piece>Sleeveless dress
    • Women's Fashion>One piece / set>one piece>Mini dress

    Category by partner



Reflect inventory per channel whenever an order is placed
Save resources for inventory and update, reduce order cancellation rates

Inventory interlocking

Inventory interlocking

Office manager function through mobile APP
Product management, order management, customer claims management anytime, anywhere

폰 배경 사진

Provides Goodsflow interworking function as an additional service
Invoice printing and delivery status linkage Service support

Ordering Information

Delivery Request

Invoice Number/Delivery status

Invoice Number

Invoice output

Interlocking support reflecting various product structures
Set product and deal product can be configured


Set product

Check Point

  • Unnecessary work occurs when dealing with deal products and set products by affiliate channels, minimizing unnecessary manual work through provision of deal products and set products
  • Easy inventory management through mapping of deals / set products according to collection orders
  • When providing a set product, a set code and a product code are provided separately
  • When managing inventory and processing out of stock, individual and set products can be processed
  • Set product composition Linking and providing options for each open market

Distributed queue processing, parallel processing of data
Shorten the order collection cycle and time

  • - Multiple consumers extract data from queue
  • - Parallel processing can be expanded by increasing the consumer

Individual management of product information type and detailed information for each market
Differentiation by market according to business strategy such as product name, price, and shipping cost

폰 배경 사진

Providing linkage of claims by each retail market
Interlock and perfectly respond to orders in case of claims by market

배경 사진

Supports master vendor function that sourizes and manages various products
Effective product supply management and product registration management

  • Brand Mall
  • Distribution business1 (Master Bender)
  • Distribution business2 (Master Bender)
  • Product linkage
  • Upload Items
  • Upload Items

Product Content

Market Link

Data interlocking through API and web crawling method when API is not provided
Perfect response in any environment without missing data

Brand Mall

Product linkage

Product linkage

  • API Interlocking
  • Web crawling
  • API Interlocking
  • API Interlocking
  • Web crawling
  • API offer
  • API Not provided
  • API offer
  • API offer
  • API Not provided
  • Market A
  • Market B
  • Market C
    • Market D
    • Product Information
    • Order Collection / Review Collection

Increasing the efficiency of order collection by retail market
ON / OFF order collection by market, individual order collection

Collect Orders ON

Collect Orders OFF

Fast ERP integration and channel expansion by providing Open API
Flexible response to any requirement

ERP interlocking easy

Support channel enlargement

OPEN API offer

  • Item API
  • Order API
  • Cancel API
  • Return API
  • exchange API
  • Inquiry API
  • Factory API
  • Exchange / Return API
  • Claim revocation inquiry API